Monday, January 8, 2007

will work for stickers...

We had a much better day with Matty. He really loves those stickers! He grasps the chart much better than I expected. We went to Taco Bell for lunch and reviewed the rules in the car before we went in. He was so obedient and listened great! It's a lot of work being proactive and positive, but I am A LOT less frustrated. And--I know it will pay off!
On a lighter note--DO NOT, I repeat, do not try the new cinnamon melts from McDonald's unless you want to gain some serious weight. They are delicious and gooey and I'm sure not nutritious at all. Stay away!

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kristen borland said...

thanks for the warning on the mcdonalds cinnamon melts. hee, hee! glad the sticker system is working for matty. just found out about your blog from pastor tim's blog, and i'm getting a kick out of it. btw, i love the hand-stamped pendants. very fun! oh, and your necklace i picked for my sister was a huge hit. she's hooked now too. :)