Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a fun and rewarding experience...

We are getting ready to potty train Matthias and I must admit, I am somewhat terrified! Diapers work great--why mess with a good thing?? So, I've created this little book (this is my behavior specialist background kicking in!) to approach the subject in a positive way. It will have photos of...

his new potty seat--notice how I blurred the edges of the photo to make the seat look even COOLER!

a sticker chart

big boy underwear!

The toilet training guide that came with the potty seat says that toilet training can be a fun and rewarding experience! I'm sure they are completely objective in that opinion! Any great tips???


Brianna Heldt said...

Very exciting! I'm loving the big boy undies and I must say that photo of the potty chair is rather artistic.

Please keep us posted on Matty's progress! (No tips from me, I just told Anna she couldn't wear diapers anymore and after about a day she was good to go--see how uncreative I am. AND of course she was excited about her big girl underwear.)

Suzette Lyons said...

Boys and girls are so different. The only suggestion I can make is be patient. We have been working on potty training for a year. Luke was so excited about it all at first. During the warm months he ran around in the buff and used the potty every time. Some how if he has anything on like underwear or pull-ups or regular clothes he just doesn't make the connection. We talk about it every day and about half the time he goes on the potty. I would be really discouraged except I know he will eventually get it. By Kindergarten for sure.

Good luck!

chrissie said...

That toilet looks so cool. I'm sure Matty will be all about it.
I love you sis!
Miss you like crazy.

Ellen said...

Wow! I want a cool pair on underwear like those. Best of luck with this new challenge. Love you.