Saturday, January 20, 2007

hand stamped bracelets

here is something new! these are sterling, hand stamped cuff bracelets. they start out as a flat piece of wire, so I am shaping the metal, drilling holes, soldering charms, etc. i am excited about these little beauties! this one has a love charm soldered to the front and a heart charm dangling from the end-with xoxo stamped on each side. i made another one with the boys' names on it. keep watching for more fun stuff!


Ellen said...

Lisa! These bracelets are great! You are an innovative entrepreneur. (I had to look that word up.) =)

Matthew Rouse said...

Wow! I am so impressed. I love it!
Can't wait to have one of my very own.
There are so many possibilities.
How totally fun, Lisa!

Matthew Rouse said...

Chrissie actually left the previous comment. Matt doesn't usually use the word "totally."

kristen borland said...

gosh, you're so creative! i love those bracelets... are you taking orders? see you wednesday.