Wednesday, January 31, 2007

c'mon mcdonald's!!

we drove through mcdonald's yesterday (i had to get my cinnamon melt--i'm addicted ya know!) and i got a happy meal for Matthias and I to share (the cinnamon melt was my main dish :) so we get home and unwrap the the toy and it is this little monster guy. maybe he's from spongebob or something?! guess what he does when you pull down his arm? yep, he makes farting noises! how innappropriate is that?! I mean come on mcdonald's is this the best you can do? don't you have a multi-million dollar advertising budget?! the best part--Matty is afraid of it! nice.

on a brighter note, David decided to brave the tunnel yesterday (we have this blue tunnel for the boys to play in). I came out from the back of the house and he was inside--go David. Nothing is going to hold that kid back!

Have a great day!


chrissie said...

McDonald's - get a clue!
David rocks!

Ellen said...

Yipeee! David is a tunneling fool. Yeah, I'm not so hip on bathroom humor. I'm glad Matty has the good sense to stay away from it.

kristen borland said...

okay, so that toy sucks. i always choose between the toddler toy and the big kid toy by which one is the better toy (some toddler toys we've gotten are awesome--fisher price). i think we'll be not getting a happy meal toy at mcdonalds anytime soon (or at least go for the toddler toy).

woohoo, david!! hey, we've have a tunnel like that. did you get yours from ikea? have i ever told you i'm crazy for ikea? i'm such a small town girl. :) i'm heading up to davis in a week and i'm hoping i get to swing over to west sac to visit their ikea. hee, hee. we are also planning on going to fairytale land (across from the sac zoo). ever been there?

P said...

I think that toy is hysterical! We would get good laughs in our home...Josh would probably like it best of all!

annie said...

I think the toy was pretty horrible, as well, although I think you got an upgraded version of the toy we got (at least your toy was somewhat comical). Our toy was black - and when you stretched the toy the eyes eerily lit up. Definitely, not one of my favorite toys at McD's, however, I guess you get what you pay for!!

Anonymous said...