Tuesday, January 30, 2007

challenge for a tuesday

I cleaned out the pantry and the fridge this morning (didn't I just do this a couple months ago?) I got rid of two large trash bags full of stuff--sorry landfill! now I can actually find what I need. My challenge to you is this--set aside 5-10 minutes to organize something--your jewelry, the coat closet or a junk drawer. It feels good! and yes, we do keep candy in the crisper!!


kristen borland said...

okay, so why do you keep candy in the fridge? :) hey, i am such a huge fan of those sourdough pretzels from costco. i'm seriously a pretzel maniac. pretzels may actually be the first food i didn't spit out as a baby/toddler (i used to hate food!). is that a baby food spinny thing? what a good idea! i'm always digging through to find the jar i want. thanks for sharing your panty and fridge with the world. so insightful! if i took a picture of my pantry, most likely zeb would be hanging out in there rearranging the canned goods--it's his favorite room of the house. the next house we buy will also have to have a walk-in pantry, or zeb will refuse to move with us. now, if i took a picture of my fridge right now, you'd be scared. and you'd also tell me to buy a new one! ;)

Brianna Heldt said...

Yummy, I see what looks like two boxes of See's Candy in your pantry, and then also some frosting in the fridge. If I lived next door I think I'd be heading over there right about now! (I too love having an organized pantry/fridge!)

lisa said...

good eye on the frosting and sees candy! yum! kristen--the candy is in the fridge because it english candy from steve's relatives, so it's "precious" and maybe it will keep longer in the fridge?! i am addicted to goldfish! yea, you probably thought they were for the kids! :)

chrissie said...

I love organization!

Ellen said...

Lisa you rock! Good job on the organization. Yes, I looked carefully at what food you have in your pantry and fridge. I didn't see any fruit snacks. Is Matty off them? As far as organization goes, basically I organize constantly. I love all my students' desks to be spotless. We do a desk check daily! =)

Anonymous said...