Thursday, January 18, 2007

perfectly imperfect

I was reading an article in one of my home magazine yesterday entitled, 'perfectly imperfect' and the phrase really got me thinking. we spend so much time trying to get everything perfect--and what do we really accomplish? Sure i'd like to lose 5 pounds, have a cleaner house, and perfectly behaved kids, but the stress of trying to maintain those things comes with a high price. When I really look at my motives, i think my aim is to impress other people. The people who come across as perfect to me, I actually find intimidating! So, for the sake of sanity I'm going to make a new effort--to relax and let things be perfectly imperfect.


chrissie said...

So true, sis!
Good reminder. Our Saviour is our perfect replacement.
Love you x a million.

Ellen said...

This is so true. Why do I spend time trying to make things perfect? Sometimes "good enough" is what is needed. Sometimes I think, "Do people ever meet my expectations or do I always expect more?" Letting people be perfectly imperfect is freeing.

erika said...

This is perfect. I'm bored, can't sleep, and we don't have TV; I guess I'm searching on the computer for some resemblance of human contact, when what do I find but.. my dear friend has a secret blog. I read her latest entry only to realize again that she is perfect.. for me to have as a friend. My husband lovingly calls me his little "underachiever," but frankly, I say life is too short not to walk a little more slowly, stop to admire the beautiful roses, or my own beautiful children for that matter. So glad to see that you are doing the same. Thanks for being real, you're just perfect!

kristen borland said...

i like this. there are many areas i need to give over to the Lord and realize i don't have to be perfect--i don't have to lose 10 lbs, for example. that's a biggy. thanks for the reminder that it's okay not to be perfect!