Wednesday, January 24, 2007

a new step...

so i'm putting away clean laundry in the boys' room (one of my least favorite chores--i don't mind doing the laundry, but for some reason i hate putting it away!) and i turn around and there's david casually leaning against Matty's bead, like it's no big deal. Now David has been getting really close to standing on his own. He's pulled up to his knees, if we help him to his knees he can pull up the rest of the way, but this time it was so completely independent! So I got down on the carpet and held out my hands and said "come here!" and slowly stepped away from the bed and took 6 or 7 steps. We had to reinact it for the camera but we steve and i were freaking out! David was so proud of himself--all smiles! Then Matty wanted to show us that he can step away from the bed and take steps, too! :) I'm a proud mommy!!


Carrie said...

so exciting and so so cute!!! Congratulations, you should be proud.

P said...

That is so great! I know the pure joy that your heart probably felt!

Christal said...

oh my gosh! that is so awesome! So funny we were just talking about that last night!! Can't wait to see him walk next time I'm there.

Arijaan said...

Praise God! I have been praying for this Lisa - I am so EXCITED! I could tell on Sunday that he was so close. Oh, now I'm so excited to see him again this Sunday!! I see so much for God's character in David, he's beautiful. Have a great rest of the week. PS: I love reading your blog - I'm typically not a commentor but I couldn't let this one pass me by!

kristen borland said...

that's awesome!! you definitely should be a proud mommy! what a wonderful blessing. :) God is good!

chrissie said...

Go, Dawg, Go! Yippee for our little man.

Ellen said...

David! I'm so proud of you! I cried when I saw the pictures. (Matty I'm proud that you can take steps too.) Yipeee

Brianna Heldt said...

Yayyy David! My goodness he is looking like such a big boy these days! Lisa I am so happy for you. What a precious, precious family you guys have!

Grace4Russia said...

Woo hoo David! :)

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