Saturday, October 27, 2007

saturday. candy corn century and park play.

we woke up early to go meet steve at the first rest stop. we waited in the car.

and we waited some more.

steve & scott arrived and took off any extra layers.

then we drove up the 46 to watch them come up the hill. here they come!!!.

and there they go!!!

then we went to cambria to play a little. david loves the swings.

matty rocked the playground.

then down to the beach to play. so glad my boys are well!!


david plays in the sand.

mommy & matty.

cute shoes.
hey, i never got any candy corn?!


Jody said...

Looks like you didn't even need the candy corn. Love the pictures. I think of your family often...still LOVE my necklace and get compliments on it wherever I wear it. Thank you again. And I hope that you enjoy a wonderful fall/winter season with healthy boys. All of them. =) Take care...all my best.

Kristen Borland said...

awesome pics!!

Ellen said...

Looks like a good day. You guys are all bundled up. Things are still pretty warm where I am. I can't wait to wear sweaters, jackets and scarves.

lindsay mcintosh said...

im so glad the boys are better =) looks like you had a great day! i love the pics. see you soon!!

chrissie said...

Love you. Go Steve!

Joy said...

Awesome Pictures... thank you for posting them.. I love Davids shoes sooo cute. And your self portrait.. is very cute :)

Jill Duarte said...

What a great time. So glad your boys are feeling better.

Karen said...

I'm so glad your little guys are healthy again!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!

I e-mailed you regarding a few items that I would like to purchase. Not sure if you got it??? Will you e-mail me?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...


My e-mail is:

Sorry. :)

Carrie Haughey said...

what fun! love the pics!

Sarah Markley said...

Tell Steve Congrats! My dream to do that, it is. =)

Kristen said...

David's shoes are so cute! Love all the pictures!

lindsey cheney said...

great pictures!

christie said...

hi lisa,
i was just sitting here looking at your blog like a normally do trying to establish a sense of normality because today is a bad day, we lost everything in the fire... everything. i have to say after seeing your blog today i have new hope for days like these and i cant wait for them to come agian. i will keep watching.
you can see mt whole story on just search my name christie williams

Kath said...

You are darling and so is your family. OK, weird question but I love your hair and want to know what kind of product you use. I have naturally curly hair and it NEVER looks that good! I just ran out of product and want to buy something that works!

Sonia said...

Great news that your boys are all better. I completely understand what you mean about good doctors (last post). I thank God for Natalia's doctors every day.
Oh, and David's shoes get me every time! :)

Cathi Hamen said...

what was the race he was riding in? Jeff rides rode bikes also!! i am impressed you got all those pics.. last race i dropped him off in NP Beach and picked him up in SD... i feel guilty now,, oh well there are more races soon!! someday they can talk aboutthe races whe nyou are down again.. or if we ever get up there!
take care Lisa!