Monday, October 15, 2007

baby's first spoon.

let's see, who could i make a baby spoon for? wait, everyone i know just had a baby! i think these are so, so sweet and because they are stainless steel, you can use them everyday! i recommend hand washing. about 5" long. $24

and I'm going to give two away. so, tell what your favorite baby name is today. (mine changes every day--today it's hallryn for a girl and james for a boy). and no, we're not expecting!


Anonymous said...

Mine is Evelyn Louise for a girl and James Louis for a boy.

I love your jewelry so much, you are very talented.


Kelly said...

Mine is Archer Stephens for a boy and Avery Barbara for a girl.

You are so amaze me everytime I look on your website.


michele said...

Cute, Lisa! I want three, please!
Here are names I like:
Eva Grace
Elias Mark

Kal said...

My baby will be born in less than 7 weeks... Pilot for a girl. Kazmir for a boy (my husband's grandpa's name). Shhhh... our families don't know our picks yet and we don't know if it's a girl or a boy. But, I always thought Pilot was such a cool name. She will be, aftere all, the pilot of her dreams.

7 weeks or so... just waiting to
find out which one it is so that I can order a necklace from you, too.

Christina said...

I love the spoon Idea. As far aa baby names I can never make up my mind. I took me and my husband all nine months for both my boy's pregnancys to think of there names. So I guess I could say they are my Favorites. Carter James and Devin Justus.

Anna Willett said...

Lila Jaso - she's a real cutie

Jessica Witty said...

My baby is just 3 weeks old, so of course, his name is still my newest fave! Ezekiel Joseph. We call him Zeke. I like that it's unusual, but not *too* unusual.

Jodi E. said...

Mine is Adaline Capri...which is what we named our sweet baby girl almost 8 weeks ago!
Jodi E.

ahna said...

That spoon is delish.

Girl: Ava James
Boy: Milo Sullivan

Thanks for letting me play along.

Joy said...

Our unused boy names are Ezra and Ari with a middle name of Joseph. Although, Ari could be a girl's name, too. How do you sleep with all of these great ideas in your pretty head! the spoons are very sweet.

Brianna Heldt said...

well how cute are those?! too cool. and i love thinking about baby names.

girl: mary
boy: jay

(for some reason i have a really hard time thinking up boy names!)

Rachel Slagle said...

Such cute spoons! My current favorites are Delaney Ashlyn for a girl and Brady Jameson for a boy.

Camille said...

I'm just going to keep entering every contest until you get sick of me! ;-)

I want a girl SO badly, and today I like the names
Charlotte Emmerson and Macy Camryn.

These spoons are beautiful!!!

trinawalker said...

Mine is Gracie Lauren (my daughter) and Cole Stuart (my son)!!!

Unused ones would be:

We have always had trouble coming up with Boys names so my son's remains my favorite!!

rohanknitter said...

Well, here's the name we were going to use for a girl, which we never used as we have 3 boys. : )
Margaret Ellen (Meg for short)

It's the middle names of my mom and dh's mom.

Trina said...

There are so many great names out there that I love!

I really wanted to name Ella, Olive but Jason wouldnt let me... I still love that name!

Girl: Pearl (or Olive if it were an option!)

Boy: Ellis

You sure make your site fun!! Love it.

ailie said...

Oh my gosh, these are SO cute! My favorite boy name right now is: Koen Luke.

Anonymous said...

Mine is

Jayden Daniel - boy
Bethany Marie - girl

I love your jewelry I can't wait to order a necklace.

Jada2929 said...

Ezra for a boy
Charlotte for a girl

hannah m said...

I just named my daughter Vivian, after my grandma. If we'd had a boy I think he would have been Luke or Colin or Dylan.

Love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Mine is Shannon Marie and Oliver Cole. My husband and I just had a baby boy 7 months ago and named him Jason Edward after my husbands brother.


Rojas' said...

ok, since I see that all my other little neices and nephew have a spoon already (Silas, Gracie and I assume Lily got one too) I'm voting for my little nephew that is due any day now - Isaiah John. He is such a miracle in so many ways. His name is so special in so many ways.................

Rachel Shoemaker said...

My favorite names are
Emma Louise
Micah Joel

I was actually supposed to be Micah Joel if I was a boy! I think it is funny that my mom and I have the same tastes! Emma is my great great grandmothers name and Louise is my middle name that has been passed down through the generations.

Rachel Shoemaker said...
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Wendy M said...

My favorite is currently Quincy Clark, which just happens to be the name of my only nephew (I don't have any neices), who was named after my beloved maternal grandfather. However, if you ask this question again in 7.5 months, I'll have different answer, because that is when my first grandchild is due!

Meg said...

I'm not sure for a boy, but for a girl I LOVE the name Callie! If Carson was a girl, he would've been Callie. I love Carson and Callie.

mkv said...

You are so extremely creative. I can't wait to see what is new on your blog each day.

My favorites are after my sweet angel twins: Kinsey Elizabeth and Ryan Alan.

My next favorites are Caden and Callie. ;)

sarah said...

LOVE these spoons, Lisa!

I like Jonathan David and Sarah Elizabeth. :)

Andrea said...

I keep a running list of names I like...even though I'm lightyears away from having children!



beth said...

oh my word! those are so stinkin' adorable. just when i thought i had my order figured out, you design these.

my favorite names are kate and henry.

Lara said...

Fun Post! I might be checking this out again when it comes time to name my little one.

I'm not telling the names that we are actually considering. But I have a few favorites that I can't ever use because they are already in the family or they don't go with my last name.

Girl: Lillian or Kira
Boy: Levi or Luke

Kristen said...

Those spoons are soo cute! My all time favorite girls name is Maura. I have a harder time with boys but I right now I like Griffin and Callan.

Angela said...

My favorite baby name is Brenden David, because this is my one year old son's name.

We will be trying soon, and I am hoping for a girl. My favorite girl name is Ashlyn.

Jennifer J said...

The spoons are so sweet! They will make wonderful keepsakes, too.

My favorite names are:
Katherine MeiXing (May shing) my beautiful girl from Sichuan, China, and

Samuel Henry, our little surprise, who we discovered we were pregnant with just before leaving for China!


Lindsay said...

My family has a tradition of using hames that can be abreviated...My grandpa is Elmer Jefferson (EJ), my cousin is Peter Jacob (PJ) and I even have an uncle named JB (which doesn't stand for anything).

So, my first choice for a boy and a girl are names that can be abreviated:

Boy: Elliott James (EJ)
Girl: Mari Jayne (MJ)

I also like:
Boy: Drew Christopher, Braden Luke
Girl: Emily Louise, Megan Grace

Joy said...

You are awesome... love them.

Gretchen said...

My favorites are: William Michael and Lily Grace - my children's names! I also like Emmie for a girl and Luke for a boy.

Jill said...

Cute, what a great idea.
Girl: Kambry
Boy: Traden

Amy said...

My daughters name is my favorite, of course...Lillian Brooke!
my nephew's for a boy..Hudson Arnold.Those spoons are soo sweet!

Bethany said...

Boy: Justice (would have been on my list if we had had a boy, but one of my good friends had a boy this week and named him Justice:)
Girl: I have 2 and love their names still, Hannah Shalom and Meira Kate (they mean grace and peace, and pure light)

Jennifer said...

Love the spoons! GREAT idea! My favorite name for a girl has always been Graycen Elyce (or, Grayson Elise). I've never been able to narrow down a boy name. If I were to have a boy in the future, I would want to incorporate my dad's name (in memory of him) in some way. His name was James Edward.

I'd love to win because one of my bestest friends just had a baby (Davidson "Davis" Barnette).

Good luck everyone!

Jennifer :-)

the Isaacs said...

I know I won last time around but I had to throw in a favorite because I LOVE baby names! My favorite (for a girl) these days is Philippa which sounds a bit - something - but Pippa for short is too cute.

tania said...

for a girl mine is Acacia Grace
i already have too many (just joking) boys and all my favs are used up.

The Brandleys said...

For a girl I like Cecilia, and honestly I can't think of another boy name so I'm gonna say Jonas for the little boy I already have.

Lisa said...

Lauren Hollyn for a girl
and Gray Benjamin for a boy.

I love your jewelry and your family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle- she's my baby darling

Dawn ELkins-from Ohio

lace said...

Those are great spoons. Mine right now is Riley or Reese

The Pavliches said...

You just don't stop! Amazing! Thanks for being so creative...



lindsey cheney said...

oops! i saw it! thank you for your sweetness and generosity with my family! love you!

Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

You are so adorable and I love your blog, it always makes me smile :)

My favorite names are
Margaret Mae
George Robert

Hayley said...

Arden Claire for a girl, and Cohen Travis for a boy. What a cute idea!

Robin said...

Lisa, sorry we missed each other! I went to first service and then sat in the park across the street and studied for my master's exam while Jeff preached the last two sermons. I did see you walking into church with your great new stroller, but didn't want to shout across the park like an idiot! I did see a pretty brown box in the car. Yay for my birthday!

As far as baby names go... I don't know about a boy name. I love Jack. Jack Jennings sounds so cute. I like the JJ sound. I always promised my grandma an "Eileen Lucille" - just not sure if she'll be a Lucy or an Elly.

I might need to order one for a girlfriend at work who is super preggers though. Although, I'll have to make sure I get the spelling of the Hawaiian name right! I think it's Kalaneh.

{Karla} said...

since I just had my baby 6 weeks ago I have to say it is his: Declan Yeshua.


Jenny said...

I love the name Reagan for a girl. I won't be using the name because we don't plan to add any more babies to our clan, but I love the name anyhow! The baby spoon would make a lovely and treasured baby gift!

Jeff & Abby said...

I love those spoons and if I had a baby I would totally buy one! Love it!

Mandee said...

I have 3 boys-

-Maxwell Davis
-Charlie James
-Jack Joseph

and though I love all of those names, Charlie James is my favorite.

Shannon said...

My favorite names will always be
Benjamin David and Kiera Spring. Am I a sap or what?

By the way, your jewelry is beautiful! I started checking in with you guys after seeing Billies necklace at out NICU reunion. I love it all : )

Tasha said...

Oh, I need one of those!

Since I have a new Stella, I love that name.

I was in love with the name Maeve too, but my husband HATED it.

jennifer at pink ric rac said...

Love those spoons, girl!

My niece's name is aniston taylor and I love it!

When we plan on getting preggo, it will be either:
Jameson Edward (B)
Brooks Edward (B)
Holden Edward (B)
Gage Edward (B)

Jamison Brooke (G)

I have a hard time picking out the girl names cause I'm SO wanting a boy! :)

Caralyn said...

Honestly, my favourite names are my children's names: Keeley Shae, Teegan Anthony, Tatum Makenna, and Holden Dekker. :)

judi said...

Love this one... are we women always thinking up new names?

I have a William Cole, Kavin Tyler and an Amelia Claire.

For the possible next:

boy: Dutch Landon (Dutch, his G-grandfathers nickname)

girl: Avonlea Lorilyn (These two names incorporate all three of my sisters middle names: Lee, Lori & Lynn)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this contest. What a great idea!!! Baby spoons with names. A nice heirloom!!!!

My favorite name for a girl is:
Lilybeth Hope

and for a boy:
Michael Joseph


Rebecca said...

Wow! Another something beautiful to win! I'm not telling the names we may be using for this baby #4 but the ones we have already used are:
G: Kaylee Ray
B: Dallin Douglas
B: Hollis Jay

Anonymous said...

I am expecting and cannot come up with a name for our new baby. We are all "M"s but if I could go with another letter I'd choose Nathaniel Isaac and Faith Joy.

Anjanette said...

Oh, those are great! My current favorite names are Jadyn for a girl and Emmanuel for a boy. It's fun to think about names when you are not expecting and don't expect to be expecting!

And then there were 3 said...

Love all the names, my favorite names.



Anonymous said...

My boys are Walker and Weston but if I had a girl it was always going to be Kennedy Marie


Julie P said...

Ainsley for a girl and Levi for a boy! VERY CUTE spoons - I'm going to have to put that in my "baby gift" file.

Krista said...

current favorite...
Joshua, which is what we named our son. we picked it before he was born, but he just LOOKED like a Joshua at birth!

for a girl...
Laura Elisabeth. for my two favorite authors: Laura Ingalls Wilder and Elisabeth Elliot.

Sonja said...

So funny that you are asking about favorite names... I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, and have been struggling with picking names...

For a boy I either like Elliott Michael, or Griffin Michael, and for a girl Joleigh Brianna...

My son, Mitchell (22 mos.), says Elliott and Joleigh both so cute that I think those two are the winners.

You are so talented!

pjmesser said...

these are darling!
My sweet friend just had a baby last week- CASSIDY- she is so cute & would love this. pj

cadbut said...

Right now I'm thinking Connor Patrick for a boy and Julia Brooke for a girl. (I liked Lily for the longest time but then my cousin used it first!)

kris... said...

I LOVE these! So so cute. My favorite girl name is Arilee (pronounced Air-a-lee) and for a boy, Justin

baby james said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy said...

Today's girl name is Grace and today's boys name would be Alexander.

baby james said...

Well I love my son's name = James Arthur, he is named after my husband(James) and my deceased father (Arthur)I originally wantd Zachary James & ZJ for nickname but husband did not like it. Ah who is caring this child?! And for a girl ever since I was in my early 20's I wanted the name Katelyn Mary, Mary was my mom's name. When I was pregnant before we found out we were having a boy, any girls name I said my husband had no argument but boy names boy did he have an opinion. Funny.But I also like Lilly. Tracy

Kristen Borland said...

joe for a boy. we always have boys.

you did it again... stinkin' cute spoons! i love that you are constantly coming up with more ideas!!

Carrie said...

I'll have to go with the ones I gave my kids: Ethan Thomas and Emily Marie. We got lucky with the middle names. My mom and mom-in-law share the middle name Marie, and my dad and dad-in-law share the middle name Thomas. Kissing up on both sides!

Melissa said...

Ava Nicole for a girl &
Hudson Curtis for a boy.
I'm not expecting either, but maybe someday......

Carrie Haughey said...

Tobias Michael
Jenna Nadine
Naomi Beatrice.
Although, our first boy will probably be named after Kyle's dad and my grandpa... Joseph Calmer

I was named after my great-grandmothers on my dad's side, so I want to incorporate my grandparent's names as middle names. Still can't find a good name to go with Harold... (oh, and Tobias Michael doesn't follow this, I just really like the name Tobias!! :0) )

And yes, I know I don't have a baby, but I know who I want to give it to if I win!! :0)

Amy said...

Sarah Meredith
Reese Connor
love the name Quinn - g/b

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Lisa- I love these! Couldn't help but notice the Silas Ryan- that's a great name :) (from the biased aunt)

Currently, my favorite boy name is Isaiah John. It's gotta be, right? I can't wait to meet our Isaiah John in this next week! We love Isaiah because:
1. It's not super common.
2. It means "God saves" and "God is sovereign", which, in our situation is so fitting because God blessed us with a baby when the doctor's said no way.
3. There's no bad nicknames associated with it!

John is in memory of John Rojas.

For a girl, I love the name Selah. It is so beautiful and it so cool because it's a musical term from the psalms. If we have a girl, this will for sure be her name, with Lynn as a middle name after both grandma lynda's.

P.s. what a great idea!

SECPumpkin said...

umm...i absolutely love baby names, even though I'm not married no babies yet! But I've always loved the names

John Micah, Asher, Cambden - boys

Anna Chrystine ( Anna Chrys for short), Hazel, and Libby short for Elizabeth - girls

Robin said...

My grand daughter will arrive in Jan and my daugher is naming her Madisin Echo.
Love some of the names here!
Thanks for the op to win spoons - they are beautiful!

Raquel said...

Such a cute idea! Right now I'm into Ellery for a girl and I have 2 boys already so I'm not even going to think about those. And, no, I, too, am not pregnant but it is fun to let your imagination go.....

Earen said...

Ours is Lilly Michelle (my middle name) or Levi Joseph...we just recently used Levi Joseph 4 months ago when we had our 3rd son!

You're amazing with your jewelry!

Monica said...

I love these!!! They are such a great gift!! My favorite names right now are Avery and Ava!!!

Dena said...

This is my first time commenting, but I've been reading for months now. I LOVE your jewelry! I do embroidery so I love the personalization of everything! My favorite boy name is Hunter because that's my son. I'm not so sure what I'd name another boy. My favorite girl name is Peyton McCann.

Kate said...

I'm lovin' Chloe Abigail and Alexander Thomas...

Heath, Me, and the Wild Three said...

This is a fun idea! I love reading everyone's favorite names.
We have to have a K name if we decide on another baby. So I am always searching for great names that begin with K. Right now I like: Kylee for a girl, and Kardon for a boy.

jjjourneyahead said...

mine would be delaney or georgia for a girl
jack for a boy

love love love your designs!

colette said...

We shortened our first names and used them for our children's middle names. However instead of using my husbands for the boy, we used his for our daughter, and mine for our son. I Love how this worked out! There names are

Brody Cole (for Colette)
Maddie Jaye (for Jason)

Carmen said...

I want a spoon for my best friend's baby boy! The first name is William, middle name is Howell (They call him Liam for short) born 10-2-07

My fav names we used (Hannah, Troy, Thomas & James)

If I had more it'd be Lettie for a girl and Dane for a boy.

Jessica B said...

I like Clara for a girl and Will or Sam for a boy.

These spoons are absolutely adorable!

Grace 4 Russia said...

Jack for a boy
Charlie for a girl

PastorMac's Ann said...

How about the name Jubilation?

Chandra said...

I just love those spoons! Since I'm all done with naming babies (three kids was my limit, lol), here are my favorite names:
Etienne for a girl; Oliver for a boy.

You are an endless supply of inspiration & talent--love your stuff!

Stacy M said...

I am pregnant right now and here are the current winning names: Weston for a boy and Annie for a girl.

I loooooove the spoons! Well, okay, I looooove all your stuff.

Ashly said...

Gwyneveve Kate for a girl and Broderick Philip for a boy are my favs right now. I have a boy names Bennett Andrew, and I stil LOVE that name too!

Kelly said...

Well, I'm not going to say my Kids' names because of course they are my favorite. We choose to use names from the family - my son is named for both our Fathers, my Dad was George, but went by Jack, and my FIL is Dennis, so Jack Dennis. My daughter's first name was a toss up, we just liked it, but her middle name was always set - Frances (or Francis if she had been a boy) for my husband's Grandfather Frank, so Jenelle Frances. But here I wasn't going to go with their names, so I'll use my new niece born on 9/5

Kiersten Breanna

Kiersten just came home from the NICU yesterday! We are so thrilled!

Carrie Haughey said...

I know I already posted, but I remembered another name. Family friends named their little girl

Harley Joy

Harley is her grandpa's name. I love it!!

chickadee said...

very beautiful. i love your jewelry. i'm liking jane a whole lot lately.

Bethany said...

My favorites change like the seasons. Right now they include the following:

Mallie Rea [pronounced ray] (short for Mallory Rea)
Sarai (suh-rye)
Kendall Ruth

Tristan Justus
Malchiah Shelton
Grayson Alexander

kelly mccaleb said...

girl- june
boy- christopher

Jenmomof4 said...

I love traditional names

katherine kennedy

rebecca anne

abigale elizabeth

Jaren said...

Issac William for a boy.
Grace Anne for a girl.

Lisa :)

Sharla said...

Love these!!

Here are the names I like:
Brady Paul
Hayden James

Sarah said...

Mac Foster and Ruby Lucille along with my already existing Carter and Daisy!

Googlar said...

This is the first baby spoon that teaches baby how to start spoon feeding: