Wednesday, March 7, 2007

susan is coming!!

susan is coming up for an overnighter before she starts her new job (assistant director of the e.r.). it will be great to hang out a little and catch up! she'll be here at dinner time and then we'll have the day tomorrow. the house was clean yesterday (i swear!) right now it kind of looks like a tornado hit! here's my to-do list before she arrives:
-pay bills
-put lots of toys away (they all wind up in the living room)
-staples (make copies and buy envelopes)
-buy stamps at the post office
-play with the boys (that's the fun part!)
-maybe matty and i will have lunch with daddy
what's on your to-do list today?


Kristen Borland said...

laundry (zeb's throwing up incident last night push me back a ways in laundry), pack for yosemite (we leave tomorrow!), clean boys' bathroom and floors (if there's time), figure out mike's mom's birthday gift...

i love how excited you get when your family comes! that's very fun!! and you all have such fabulous hair!!

Brianna Heldt said...

my to-do list: tidy up (house is clean, just needs to be re-tidied), make brownies for growth group, sweep/mop floor. oh and hopefully have a baby. :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Get through a day of work with swollen feet (ah, the heat is already being difficult!), grab a quick dinner, meeting at 7:00 in Orcutt, and get a phone call from Brianna saying she's on her way to the hospital. :)

lindsey said...

change multiple poopy diapers, clean up sippy cup spills (aren't those things supposed to be spill proof?), referee fights, attempt naps, get discouraged when naps fail, make a list of all i'll accomplish when the kids go to bed, go to bed within 15 minutes after the kids, getting nothing done!

lisa said...

i love all these lists! you guys are hilarious. brianna--you should really stop putting off having this baby! We made it through all our errands. my biggest mistake--telling matty that auntie sue is coming--now its all he'll talk about and he keeps screaming b/c she's not here yet!