Thursday, March 8, 2007

mommy's fun has just begun...

susan came into town last night. we had a little dinner, played with the boys and then watched a movie. this morning we got the boys ready for school and then had some sister time--splash cafe for lunch and shopping around downtown. it was great just being together. i hate to brag--but tomorrow i am meeting chrissie in santa barbara for a sister overnighter. i seriously can't wait! i need a little getaway! i'm thinking pediucre, movie, lay around, and eat a lot. pics to come. what plans do you have for this weekend?!

Shout out!! Congratulations Heldts on your sweet little Kaitlyn!!!


Ellen said...

Have you ever seen a prouder auntie? My plans: read! I just ordered several new books online. Sleep, relax, maybe a little grading, laundry, grocery shop. I enjoy being productive over the weekend (just not too productive).

Brianna Heldt said...

Hey, we got a shout out! :) Missed seeing you this morning at church (yeah, we actually went.)Kevin said he saw you briefly. Glad you had such fun times with your sisters!

(Note that I accomplished most of my to-do list that day from your blog! I did it all, including having the baby, but didn't make the brownies b/c my water broke.)