Friday, March 23, 2007


i am loving the contrast of the clear aqua quartz and the opaque bonze freshwater pearls in this necklace. so fun for spring. hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend. no major re-organzing projects, well, except get my books done for the business-yuck! but lots of time to play and relax!!


chrissie said...

love it! love you!

Kristen Borland said...

sooo gorgeous! that stone is soo beautiful! it's yummy. ;)

i'm so loving my new jewelry! (thank you so much!) the hardest part is deciding which one to wear, and then picking out what shirt to wear with it. mike loves it all, and my mom is excited to see the stuff i picked out for her (they'll be here in just a little while!).

Jeannett Gibson said...

Do you do custom orders? I have a friend's birthday coming up and I think one of your pieces would be just the ticket!

Lara Laity said...

Hey! I want to come to a jewelry party when I get back to CA. I have earings that match that necklace.
I miss you! We are all settled in to our new house. I'm thankful that I get to be with my husband, but I'm anxious to be back home.

lisa said...

hey jeannette-yes, i do custom orders. email me (my addy is on the top right of the blog)
hi lara--so glad you guys are settled. what a blessing. your mom should host a jewelry party when you are in town and then you can get free stuff :0) or of course you can come over and check out the goods xxxx