Saturday, July 28, 2007

silly boys

we took the boys swimming yesterday and they had a blast! david really got into it and we were throwing him into the air and he loved it! matty practiced kicking and blowing bubbles. they seem to be enjoying the water more and more and I am slightly less paranoid, although I still watch them every second.

this cracked me up! matty casually puts his arm behind his back or around Steve's waist while we walk. He is such a big boy :)

gott love chocolate chip pancakes! wait, he hasn't even taken a bite yet--how did he get so messy?!


Ellen said...

Oh my baby loves! Those pictures are so fun. I'm glad the boys are enjoying the water.

chrissie said...

Love those smiles! How do I choose which one to put on my desktop.
CanNOT WAIT for Tuesday.
Love you times infinity.

Kristen Borland said...

i love that picture of matty with his hand behind his back! too cute!

Sarah Markley said...

Matt is Steve's mini-me! Too cute!

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