Monday, April 2, 2007

the perfect storm

after a great relaxing morning and lunch, matty and i picked up david and headed home. by the time we got there at 3:00 matty was exhausted and overdo for a nap. david fell asleep during lunch at school and was hungry. my phone was beeping with a message, and i had to go the bathroom. i'm sorry, but all those things can't just 'happen' at once! i tried to remain calm, but failed. oh well, guess i'm not a perfect mom after all. actually, gave up that idea within weeks of being a new mom. matty is finally asleep and david is playing happily with a full belly and i got to use the bathroom. guess i should go check that message!


Lara Laity said...

Oh I understand too well! I gave Caedra a lecture the other day about throwing her pacifier over the side of her car seat. I was in traffic and after hearing her ask for her 'nigh-nigh' for the 800th time, I lost it. She's 1 so she didn't understand a word I said and I feel guilty for being harsh with my small daughter, but some days we are just human and can only take so much. ~sigh~

lindsey said...

lara - don't be so hard on yourself - she can understand a lot more than you think!
Lisa - i can sooooo relate with you - neither of my girls napped yesterday after 3, yes THREE, hours of trying. by 5 o'clock last night lily was absolutely hysterical. a horrible ending to a great day:(

Ellen said...

I know it's not the same but sometimes I feel similarly when I'm teaching. We come in from lunch and one kid wants to use the restroom, another wants to go to the nurse, a third wants to tell me about another student who was bothering him, and a get the picture. Hang in there--you're needed!