Tuesday, April 3, 2007

a day to relax

on tuesdays and thursdays the boys both have preschool so I try to get jewelry stuff and errands done. today i didn't have too much to do (i'm totally in denial!!) so i got a pedicure and walked around borders a bit. it was so RELAXING. i am the kind of mom who needs breaks. here are some of my favorite simple pleasures
-getting into a hot car
-a good snuggle
-sleeping in
-a new magazine
- a good hair day
-completing my to do list
-having a day with no to do list
-girl time
-a movie that requires no brain power. think-legally blonde
-a gift given for no special reason
what are your favorite simple pleasures?


chrissie said...

yay for lazy days!
I love:
cinnamon melts
long naps
a good book
time with friends
being with sisters!

Ellen said...

My favorite is probably a hot shower. Honestly, it's motivation for me to work out. I know a hot shower is waiting at the end. Hot cocoa, sleep!, Malcom in the Middle, reading, putting laundry away, and putting dishes away (it feels so productive and doesn't take that long).

Brianna Heldt said...

Lisa what are your favorite magazines to read?

Simple pleasures: girl time, laughing really hard, white mochas, downtown SLO, a good book, checking the mail, a clean house.

erika said...

The kind of mom who needs breaks? What other kind of mom is there? No, don't answer that. I've been both kinds (or thought I was) at one time or another, and trust me, one kind is way more popular than the other! :) You are a hard worker, a wonderful mother and wife, and a dear friend. We all need a Sabbath rest.

Jeannett Gibson said...

My simple pleasures:
-A hot shower
-Brainless celebrity gossip mags :(
-a clean house...that also SMELLS clean
-watching my dogs play and race each other spontaneously in the front yard
-dinner with friends
-a really good glass of wine at the end of a long day (something I've missed being pregnant!)

lindsey said...

i've totally been thinking of this lately! here's mine:
a slumber party w/ my husband (staying up late talking in bed), seeing my girls hold hands, getting the mail (brianna - i'm glad i'm not the only one!), a pedicure, empty laundry baskets, empty kitchen sink, checking things off my to do list, going to a fabric store w/o kids, watching any show or movie that doesn't stimulate my brain!

lisa said...

i'll pretty much read any magazine from newsweek to people. i prefer brainless gossip (jeanette, should we trade mags back and forth?) and home decor. although i often don't have the energy to incorporate ideas from those mags!

Grace4Russia said...

Chewing gum and blowing bubbles while walking the 2 miles to pick Misha up from school, and glorying in the fact that's it's totally counter cultural.

Living in Siberia has done a few weird things to me.

Kristen Borland said...

simple pleasures: seeing my boys smile and hearing them laugh, being goofy with mikie, getting the mail with one or both of my boys or even all by myself (why is this a highlight in all our days?), getting email from friends, reading blogs and getting comments on mine, our hot tub, rain, talking to my sis and her son on the phone, a clean house (no dishes), being with friends, a walk with my family, plain pasta with black olives, dr. pepper, shrimp, a strawberry margarita (and not getting sleepy), my bed at the end of the day, my husband's smile, my husband's hug, reading a good dee henderson book, reading any good book, writing, the list goes on and on and on...

Lara said...

Simple pleasures...Knowing my baby is fast asleep. =)
And peppermint icecream, playing with Caedra in the pool, holding hands with my husband....
I love your questions Lisa. What a fun thing to think about.

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