Tuesday, August 12, 2008

making applesauce

we've spent the last few days at grandma & grandpa's house--enjoying cousins camp...
the first of many fun, memory making activities was applesauce.
grandpa anchored the apple peeler, corer, slicer, while the kids took turns spinning the handle.

some of the apples were eaten before the made it into the pan, but nobody minded!

we put all the apples in a big sauce pan with water covering the top and a little bit of sugar.

they simmered for a couple hours and then cooled off in the fridge.
so much fun, and yummy, too!

while the grandparents are the directors, some of the other aunties and I have been playing the roles of camp counselors and camp photographers. it's been crazy and fun and i'll probably torture you with more pics in the coming days!!


april said...

how fun!! :)

katarinas mama said...

Yum! Love the apple peeler/corer...we have the same one and the kids love to help!!!

Sara said...

Yummy! Looks like alot of fun. Love the Grandma/Grandpa camp. Nina and Nicholas are going camping in the RV "bus" with Nana & Papa next week. Although I'm guessing it'll be mudpies instead of applesauce.

Posey said...

Love the idea of homemade applesauce...you know exactly what they're eating.

hannah m said...

Cousins Camp?!?!! What fun! I am tucking this idea away for the future - I wonder if my parents will be game :-)!

Christina Joy said...

I'm gonna go make applesauce RIGHT NOW!c

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! You are building some really neat memories for your kids.

Anna said...

Lisa! I got your message! I went home early today from work and was sick. I'll give you a ring tomorrow late morning!!!

Shelly G and Hope P said...

I can't wait to make applesauce in the fall... Yummmmmmm....

Summer said...

miss you guys... you should come home soon!

Anonymous said...

Ah that apple peeler looks amazing!

blessedme said...

How FUN!!!! That sounds like awesome memories.

Brianne said...

LOVE these pics. They are amazing. My Gram makes homemade applesauce, and there's literally NOTHING like it in the world. It's the best treat ever!

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