Monday, August 18, 2008

inspiration for a monday.

little boys who want to play and run and jump and do 'kung fu' all day.

lindsey's flower brooches that seriously make a plain tank into an anthropologie masterpiece.

we are all about the ocean lately. we visited the long beach aquarium when we where down south last weekend. the boys loved it. we got them a video about the ocean and we bought 'shark week' for after they are in bed. the ocean is so incredible, mind-boggling and beautiful.

my brother got married last week and i arranged flowers for a family reception. it was so fun--i haven't done it in years and i want to do more. maybe i'll do a simple 'how-to-arrange flowers' post.

a sandy path leading to a shady tree. ahh, this is in carpinteria, one of my favorite spots to slow down and unwind. love, love it!

after we put the boys down in the evening, they usually play in their room for about 45 minutes. It's probably time to give up naps, but I DON'T WANT TO! Anyway, Matty always does cute things with his stuffed animals, like make little beds for them. Steve and I get a kick out of seeing Matty nurture his animals.

little painted hands from fun projects that grandma planned. i try to do a couple art projects with the boys every week--even if it's just watercolors or construction paper and glue. check out flip flops and applesauce for great ideas to connect with your kiddos.

other inspirations? my favorite jeans with the ratty hem, comfy espadrilles for $8 at target (i*love*target), a good book, sunshine on my face, lazy mornings with the boys (only 2 weeks till school starts, eeek) and a hot cup of coffee.

what's inspiring you today??


Chrissie said...

YOU inspire me! I love you, my beautiful sister.

Denissa said...

I couldn't agree more with your sister! YOU are an inspiration! I love to look at your Monday posts. It always puts a smile on my face and helps me put things in perspective.
I LOVE my Bloom necklace, you rock Lisa!
Thanks for sharing the broches :)

michele said...

I agree, YOU are inspiring. Love you lots!

Paige said...

LOVE Lindsey's flower brooches...they are great! And the flowers for the wedding you arranged looked so lovely. What a wonderful talent!

My inspirations for today...
Iced Green Tea
My Real Simple magazine
Starfish necklace

lindsey cheney said...

thanks for the love, friend!

Teri said...

Speaking of nephews who are getting big quickly... it's way past time to see you guys

Posey said...

Your creativity inspires me! Where do you find the time?

Mommy J's Wild Ride said...

I have loved looking at your blog. Your story about your pregnancy leading up to the birth of your son was so heart stopping. I really enjoy your pictures. I love the one of the sandy trail leading up to the shade tree, that is amazing. Thank you for sharing.-J

The Smith's said...

I love your Monday inspiration posts! They are always refreshing!
One of these days I'll buy me something from you! (instead of something for my hubby) Did you see my blog? He was getting rid of his bike and I posted a poll where most people said "dont sell" I gave him the keychain I got from you for our anniversary and after he decided not to sell... he put his bike key on that key chain I got from you :)Its on our blog - Thanks for all you do!!!!

Caroline said...

Those brooches ARE groovy! Love them!
My kids are a tremendous source of inspiration. They make me want to be the best that I can be!

Kristin said...

Aside from your blog? :)

My children... learning from their unique world and perspective, reminding me of what childhood is about. :)

katarinas mama said...

Just ordered some of the pins...way cool...thank you for the link!

A Farmer's Wife said...

I would LOVE a post on arranging flowers! I have no talent in that department but would love some instruction!!! Thank you for your constant inspiration!

Lou said...

My inspiration this week comes from a walk on the beach with my hubby, & from watching the Olympics. This led me to visit a dear friend yesterday, and to writing love notes for the 3 lunch boxes I packed this morning to encourage my children! Inspirations can add that special heart-warming dimension to your life!

Melissa. said...

The City of Chicago! SO much to do's amazing.

Jessica said...

I love this post! I'm blog reading for inspiration, but there's also that new sewing machine in the basement that inspires me. Ultimately, it's the empty day with no plans and the cup of coffee that are inspiring me to slow down and enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Please do share with us about flower arranging! Love love love our Blog!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I came across your blogspot and have been completely smitten, not only with your artsy-self, but your boys and joys of family as well. Your jewelry is lovely and I'm seriously thinking about the pendant with the sparrow for my mom - only because I can then borrow it, too! You and other artsy-moms have inspired me to begin my own space - Hope you'll stop by to visit!
Warm wishes!

Emily said...

My husband and I went to So Cal in May and visited the Aquarium in Long Beach. I think I snapped pics of those very same jellies. (Did you touch the sharks or hold the Lorikeets?) :) And you're right to be inspired by the ocean. Amazing!

I'm inspired by seasons turning over, trees who change their attire for a more formal occasion, a deepening color's on the horizon.

Bethany said...

Hi Lisa!

I have been a "lurker" for some time now on your blog, and I think that it's finally time for me to speak up. :) You have a wonderful, inspiring attitude, and I love your pictures, stories, and snippets of life. The work of your hands is beautiful, and I aspire to be as good a mom as you are someday.


Lorelei said...

OMG Love your blog! Just found it today via Addie's Girl. AND your little boys are the sweetest.
I must get me a pair of these Espadrilles from awesome!
Thanks for having such a cool blog. I'm adding yours to my favorites.
I haven't even started to look at your jewelry yet. I'm already smitten.

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