Wednesday, September 3, 2008

end of summer

labor day was a great, relaxing day.
we went over to morro bay for pancakes
and a walk along the embarcadero.

the boys drooling in the toy shop.
thankfully it was closed.
tuesday matty started school and loved it.
david's got a cold and so he's been home with me all week.
tomorrow we have the team meeting to discuss his placement--
i'll keep you updated.
then we head to orange county for my grandma's memorial.

it will be so good to be with family.


Strawberry_Lamb said...

I love the way Matty is holding David's back while they are drooling at the toy shop window. You are so blessed Lisa.
Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa.

Kira =] said...

I saw these belts and thought of David.

Chan said...

I have been a blog stalker of my daughter’s former Sunday School teacher for several months. From that blog, I discovered many others, some from the town in which I live and many from different parts of the state and even other states. I have enjoyed reading the blogs, even if I didn’t know the author. It was interesting to read of remodeled homes, to relive the experiences of mother’s of young children and, in some cases, to share the pain of loss or illnesses of loved ones. Such are the joys of the internet. Another joy of the internet has been reconnecting with old friends from my original hometown, Amarillo Texas and my graduating class (Tascosa HS 1970).
Today, I come out of the background to request your prayers for the son of someone who I have known since elementary school. Marshi’s 24 year old son, Brian Lair was diagnosed with a brain tumor on July 23. He had his first surgery in Dallas on August 7 and although the doctors were unable to completely remove the tumor, the prognosis was optimistic. On August 25, he had to return to the Dallas hospital because his incision had become infested. A second surgery was completed on August 28. On September 2, I received an email from his mom, explaining that Brian was still fighting the infection, with high temperatures, etc. The diagnosis, treatment, and his relationship with God are all detailed on his blog:
He really needs all the prayers anyone can muster. Please keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers and spread the word.
Thank you,
Chan Roark, Dothan AL

Chrissie said...

Love the pictures and wish I was there.
Looking forward to being together this weekend!

Deborah W said...

I adore Morro Bay; hubby and I waited out last fall's huge storm at the Morro Bay Yacht Club; we were on our sailboat coming back to S.F. from Mexico. We were in Morro Bay for a week and loved every minute. I recognize that toy store! Enjoy your family time this weekend.

Posey said...

I love the 4th picture of Matty's hand on David's back. So sweet!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Hi, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I'm sure it was from another blog! My daughter is disabled and Cornelia de Lange syndrome is one thing the new geneticist has mentioned. Therefore I find your blog so interesting! Your photos are gorgeous, by the way. My husband and I love to go to Santa Barbara for weekends away. We live in OC. :)

Heather said...

Oh I have fond memories of that little spot. We kayaked in Morro Bay last summer under a full moon. (Couldn't actually see the moon though!:))
You have a beautiful family and blog.

Jessica said...

It looks like a great Labor Day celebration! I hope the meeting for David's placement went well!! I've been in many of those meetings this week as the school year has begun.

tricia said...

so sweet. I am so glad Matty likes school:) We have all had colds too...tis the season. I love your photographs. The colors are so soft and dreamy. Lovely.

Joanie said...

Lisa, there's something about that picture of the boys... one of my favorites. Is it knowing tht they're looking at toys, or the protective touch of Matty's hand on David's back? Or is it your honesty in being thankful the toy store was closed? Tee hee! I feel the same way sometimes.

A beautiful moment captured on film. Thank you for sharing.

Our sympathies are with you as you prepare to celebrate your grandmother's life and say goodbye. I'm so sorry.

Denise said...

we were at morro bay sunday evening.

you always have the greatest pix on your blog.

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