Sunday, September 7, 2008

celebrating a life well lived...

we had a great weekend being with family and celebrating my grandma's life. i loved hearing how other people remember her, the impact she had on their lives, and celebrating her life. A simple life, but one lived by consistently loving others well. I want to be like that.

One great thing about memorials, is they bring families together. The cousins had a ball, as usual.We got to help my sisters (aka aunties) move into their new (darling) house.
David was showered with lots of love and attention.
We had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton, which is located in the old train station. The new train station was built right next door, so we went out to watch the sun set and the trains come in. The kids loved it!
It was also so wonderful to see my cousins, aunts and uncles and extended family we don't see nearly enough. And their kids *gasp are so big!!

Thanks for all your comments on fall. I feel the urge to go buy pumpkins and cider! I'll plan to choose a winner (through a randomly generated number) in the next couple days.


Chrissie said...

it was such a sweet time to be together and remember grandma. it really was just perfect. she loved her family with her whole heart and never let an opportunity pass to tell us. i want to be like that too.
love you, sis!

Shan said...

I'm so glad you guys had a special time together! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers! You all are very special..................

Posey said...

It's nice that your Grandma can be remembered by family that she loved and that loved her.

Karyn said...

Lisa ~ you are like that. I'm sure you each carry on traits of your grandma.

MamaAngel said...

what a blessing to have a reason to gather with family and enjoy each other. whenever i find myself in that situation i remember that the person that has just passed would be so happy to see everyone together having a good time.

and that david deserves lots of love, i want to squeeze him through the computer screen.

The Crecelius' said...

Hi Lisa,
I have been reading your blog for a while now (never posted) but absolutely love all your pics and your posts...they are very uplifting. I just went to check your blog today and read that you went to spaghetti factory in Fullerton this weekend which is really funny becuase I was there Friday night (around 5) with my best friend and our little ones...I swore I saw you walk in (you can't miss your amazing hair). I am not sure if it was you but I just thought that was so funny.

God Bless,

The Smith's said...

Lisa, I'd love to ask a few questions if you feel led to answer them. What started you into making jewlery? Are the letters hand hammered? or with a machine? I love them! They are very sweet and reading your blog makes me want to buy a bunch of them! My girls and I enjoy making beaded jewelry but yours is the first that Ive seen of this type of jewelry! (Thanks to Tricia & Nate)

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