Monday, January 14, 2008

photography with lisa.

this is seriously FUNNY! I really know very little about photography, but I get a lot of emails asking about my camera and techniques, so here's the low down...

*I have a Casio Exilim digital camera that I got as a Mother's day gift last year. We purchased on clearance at Target for around $100.

*I take a lot of pictures and choose the best ones. Most are junk! I also prefer daylight, since I have no idea how to properly use a flash.

*We use a Mac and I use iphoto to edit my pics. Here is the pic before...

*I often shoot on an angle and then rotate the pics. I also try to crop out my pictures in fun, interesting ways. I have no problem cutting off someone's head. LOL

* I antique my pics and lighten the color a bit. Sometimes I blur the edges. And here is the end result.

Not at all technical, but so fun!


Joy said...

i am just discovering the joys of iphoto. it's pretty cool how easy it is to make average pics look amazing--you're the pro!

Laura and the family said...

Obviously, you are a quick learner! Looking unique pictures make it more interesting.

Kristen said...

thanks for sharing the tips! i just got a mac and am learning the ins and outs of iphoto. your pictures always look great.

Noreen said...

I just got my Mac this week and I cannot wait to play with iphoto. I can relate when you say that you take a bunch of junk pictures and get a few great ones -- that's totally me. Your pictures look great though!!
Take Care ~ Noreen

katarinasmama said...

So cute!!! Thank you for the tips...I'd love to be on a mac but have an old PC and Photoshop Elements instead...waaaay more cumbersome, in my opinion...but I try to work my way through it...sloooowly.

debra said...

I have the casio exilim...i love it.

I also have the Canon Rebel XTI for when I am working.

Ellen said...

Thanks for showing the before and after. It helps us see what you crop out.

Kristen Borland said...

how fun! thanks for explaining! i always love your pics.

Ev Straker said...

very nice. it still takes an artistic eye to crop and photo finish....don't sell yourself are a talented lady. :)

Kate said...

yes, it looks easy, but you've got to have the 'eye' for've got to be creative...and that you most certainly are! maybe i could send all my pictures to you and you could give them an artsy crop for me!? :)

Carrie Haughey said...

great tips! I am considering taking photography classes soon. Took pictures of the Jones girls the other day, just for fun, and had a blast!

Nicki said...

You obviously have an artistic eye as well though!
Happy birthday to Matty - looks like he had a fun day at the w/end. Love the space rockets!

Jeannett Gibson said...

Awesome! No mac here, but I'm sure there's a PC version of the program!

grey like snuffie said...

I don't think it's always the equipment. I think it's more the creative eye that sees things differently than some of us. Our oldest daughter is getting into photography. She's trying to decide what kind of editing program to get after she figures out what kind of new computer to get. She's leaning towards a Mac. I always love your pics.

Johnina said...

Love your pictures and your site!

Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

So great! Goes to show you it isn't the bells and whistles it is the photographer that makes a wonderful picture!!

The Girls said...

Thank you for the photo tips!! I tried playing around with my pictures last night and had a blast!!

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