Thursday, January 3, 2008

getting back on track.

totally posed, but who cares!
We've been visiting with family and having a wonderful time, but now we are home and MAN it is a wreck and I have to get it to a better state so I can function!

I took David to the pediatrician this morning (thanks for your sweet comments!). He feels like it a viral thing and just a stubborn one, so we are going to wait another week and see if he can shake it before we try antibiotics. I don't want to put him on antibiotics unless we absolutely have to.

I am trying to wrap up all the pre-Christmas orders (when I'm not holding David!) and then I've got some fun new things to show you! Happy what-day-is-it?, oh yeah, Thursday!


Laura and the family said...

I surely hope David feels better. Getting so much exciting can overwhelmed a child. Walking is one of the accomplishments he had made in time for Christmas.

In a couple of days, you all will be giggling out with your family and friends.

Brenda Williams said...

Sorry David is sick! We've had a virus that lasts a good two-three weeks with the congestion and cough, so hang in there! Eventually it does get better.

Ellen said...


I totally agree--vacation is fun, but there's nothing better than sleeping in your own bed and getting back into your routine. What can I say? I love routine! Get better soon David!!

Earen said...

I hope your son feels better soon. I know what's it like right now to have sick little ones. We have had the cough/cold and my youngest had a double ear infection! His first cold. But, I hope your son gets better here soon! Being sick stinks!

kathyl_maxwell said...

Lisa, Love your jewelry and love that you are right "up the street" from me! (Grover Beach)
My heart aches for David! It seems like the little fellow gets every virus going around!
I know something you should try to help keep his immune system up.
Its called Sambucol- black elderberry. You can get it at Rite Aid. Liquid or chewable lozenges. It can be used for daily maintenance and/or intensive use when you have a virus. Its natural and IT WORKS!!! The lozenges are like sweet tarts and the liquid is a little weird tasting-might want to mask it before you give it to him. Put it in juice?
Hope it helps! Kathy