Wednesday, January 30, 2008


my sweet friend lindsey in such an inspiration. we had a play group at her house this morning (which is so, so beautiful!). she had hearts strung from the chandelier and a darling vintage tablecloth drapped over her kitchen table. she bakes cakes, makes cards, and refinishes furtinure. she sews pillows, curtains, capes, and made me this adorable apron. check out her blog for some inspiration. now i need to go paint a table or bake some muffins...
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also i love giveaways is giving away one of my necklaces. can't hurt to enter!!


Someone Being Me said...

I love the apron and I love your jewelry. I have looked at it countless times in the past several months but I still need to convince my husband to get me something. Maybe for Valentine's Day. My son turns 1 tomorrow and he was released from the NICU on Feb 15th last year. I would love to have something with his name on it to commemerate that.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I love your jewelry! WOW. Some moms are just way too talented! I think I will add you as a link on my blog.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I entered the contest...i'm crossing my fingers!

Sarah Markley said...

so so cute!

Sarah Markley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katarinasmama said...

The apron is bee-you-ti-full!!!Love the inspiration from your friend...we all need a little catalyst to get our creative juices flowing...

lindsey cheney said...

are too kind! good to see you today sweet friend!

Laura and the family said...

Very creative, so are your jewelry! You're lucky to have a circle of creative friends :-)

Michelle B said...

is that green grass I see...oh how I miss green anything. I am knee deep in snow and cold. Love the cute apron!

Sol said...

Hi. So god to read that Matty is feeling better. Ear infections hurts a lot.
Lovely Apron, the colours are so nice. I often visit your blog, looking for some news from your lovely famili, and looking at your wonderful Jewlry.

Anonymous said...

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