Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Update on the boys...

Both the boys are doing great. These photos are from a recent trip to Art's Cyclery. While Steve shopped around and dreamt about having all the things he wants, I tried to entertain the boys!!

Matthias is doing well in speech therapy. We have already seen a marked improvement. His therapist is great and he loves going to see her and play games. She thinks in a few months he will catch up completely. We have been really working on listening. Sometimes he completely ignores our directions and it drives us crazy. Consistency is key, and so hard!

David is a little sweetie. Thriving in school and eating lots of vanilla pudding. Where does he put all those calories? He is starting to let go of the furniture a little or take a few steps toward me when I coax him. So exciting!!

Tomorrow I'll post my third chapter of David's story. This might end up being a twenty chapter story...there is so much to tell! Thanks for all your encouraging words. I really appreciate those of you who take the time to read the blog!


Ellen said...

You've got some future bikers on your hands. Or should I say cyclists? I'm thrilled that Matty is progressing with his articulation. The ignoring thing is normal. Daily I ignore my students and they ignore me. I think it's called selective hearing.

Go David! He totally stresses me out when he lets go of furniture but I gotta give him a chance to take risks. I just want to be a protective auntie. I don't want him to ever get hurt.

Kristen Borland said...

it's good to hear the boys are doing well! i can't wait to see david walk on his own!!

Christal said...

I miss those boys and you and Steve, too! :(