Tuesday, May 15, 2007

get out of your comfort zone

Every day I see David push himself a little bit, try something new or take a risk. Yesterday, at my in-laws house, he was playing in the living room. When I came in from the kitchen, this is how I found him. I couldn't stop laughing--and of course, I had to grab my camera! He's been putting one foot up on the table once in a while, but this time he put both feet up and straddled himself between the couch and coffee table. He thought it was so cool!

I can't help think about how I get so comfortable and just want to stay in that place. Lately, I've been trying to push myself to risk more. It doesn't have to be skydiving (right, Erika?!) It could be approaching a new store with my jewelry or making a new friend. But It's HARD! It's so much eaiser to play it safe. But it's so much more FUN to take on a challenge. And it's okay to fail. That's the great part.

So, thanks David for reminding me to take risks. What is one way you can get out of your comfort zone?

Tomorrow I am going to post some pics of some fun, new BEADED jewelry--stay tuned!


Kristen Borland said...

oh, wow, david! that is pretty cool!

comfort zone... what is that?

Brianna Heldt said...

I love that pic of David! He's so fun!

Getting out of your comfort zone can be such a good thing but so hard to do. I am pretty shy so meeting new people is hard for me too, especially when they're a lot different from me or I think they have some preconceived ideas about me.

Lara said...

David is seriously the best teacher.
I like to read books that stretch my thinking. I've been reading some books by Brian McLaren lately. He is quite controversial, but it's been good for me to figure out what things I agree with him about, what I disagree with and why. Sometimes I get a little shaken, but then I end up so much more devoted to Jesus then when I started.
On a less spritual note, I am married, with a baby and sharing a house with a woman I'd never met. That's about as outside my comfort zone I've ever been. =)

Ellen said...

How do kids know to try new things? Is it in our nature to be adventuresome? I'm a play-it-safe kind of gal as well. I'm not sure how I can challenge myself. Let me think about it...

carrie m. said...

I am a stranger, who has found your site, through another friends site! ((Holland & Eden))
I love how much inspiation is gained from the lives of little ones, who look at the world with such open eyes!
Thank You, to David, and to Davids mommy for the post...I too, will force myself to step outside of 'my comfort' level, at least once a day! As we get older, we often start forgetting how fun lifes challenges can be, and how much excitment is gained from the outcome! Good or Bad...
Thanks again, for reminding me...that there is more to life, than just what is comfortable and tolerable.

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