Monday, May 7, 2007

thank you, teachers

today kicks off teacher appreciation week. we have a couple fun things planned for david & matty's teachers. it's easy to celebrate this week because i am so grateful for the influence these women have had in my children's lives! i don't believe david would be were he is today without all the teachers and therapists who have spent hundreds of hours working with him. his current preschool teachers are AMAZING, working with his 1:1 consistently from the moment he arrives until the moment i pick him up. matty has made great progress with his speech and social skills in the last couple months thanks to his preschool teacher and speech therapist. their sunday school teachers are at church each week consistently and sacrifice their time and energy to teach my kids so i can go to church. most of all, each of these teachers LOVE my kids and my kids love them right back! i can think of special teachers who have influenced my life all the way from first grade though college. so a special thanks to all you teachers out there!! make sure you do something special for your kid's teacher this week!


Kristen Borland said...

thanks for the reminder! we are so grateful for toddler and nursery staff!!!

Ellen said...

Thanks Lisa. It is amazing to be a teacher. To work with sixth graders, to challenge and inspire them at such a pivotal time in their life is amazing.