Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've been tagged...

So you I have to share 7 random, (crazy, humiliating, funny) facts about myself. Here goes...

!. I started listening to county music because my ex-boyfriend hated it, then I got hooked.

2. I sucked my thumb until i was ten years old, now I chew gum all the time (2 pieces at a time)--what would freud say about that?!

3. When I read a book, I get so hooked in and addicted that I literallly can't put it down. Although I love to, I rarely read right now because the boys need so much attention. So, I guess I read blogs instead :)

4. As imperfect as it is, most of the time I feel really good about my post-baby body.

5. I hardly ever wore jewelry before I started making it--now I wear it all the time (obviously!!)

6. I'm not a good cook, I like REALLY simple things to prepare, that taste hard to make.

7. We don't have an antennea so we get no TV, but we watch movies EVERY night (netflix is making NO money on this family!)

Now I have no more secrets :) Thanks for all the interest in the necklaces I posted earlier in the week--I'm going to try to post some really fun earrings later tonight. Have a great Saturday!


Ellen said...

Seven secrets about me...
1. I LOVE to sleep. I got to bed at 9:00 every night. Sometimes earlier!
2. I hate roller coasters, even the mildest ones freak me out.
3. I think about food constantly (especially ice cream)
4. I like to make my lunch and pick out my clothes the night before. Basically everything must be planned well in advance.
5. I must have the porchlight turned on when it gets dark. I feel it makes my house safer.
6. I hate setting up appointments (doctor, hair cut) so I put them off as long as possible.
7. I love telling secrets, especially my own.

Kristen Borland said...

thanks for playing! how fun! yes, netflix is losing money on us too. :)

erika said...

O.K., in your next post I would really like you to share your TRULY SIMPLE, not the "simple, it only takes two hours, recipes." If this is too top secret, please just send them to me personally. I know when I need help, and I'm not above begging. This goes for all of the rest of you sympathetic, helpful bloggers out there in blogger land. I would love to feel more confident having others over for dinner, but I always worry if the food I offer will be edible.

Brianna Heldt said...

Erika I hate cooking for people, I am utterly paranoid that they won't want to return!

So Lisa, yes, let's see some recipes!

Kell said...

I still suck my thumb...SSHHHH!

Kell said...

Ooh Ellen I LOVE to tell my own secrets too. Thats why I have none!