Friday, May 4, 2007

my kids have all the cool moves...

here's a few pics from yesterday. david casually walking into the garage while i was working on stamped jewelry. it is still so amazing to see him move this way. lately he is holding on to walls more. today he took 6 solid steps at school. incredible!! we may have a future rock star on our hands with matthias. steve put a beatles cd on and we were all dancing and being silly. he grabbed his guitar and started to move. look at that passion! also, notice the paint on his butt from preschool. :)

in other news, it is day 6 of the south beach diet. i have been a faithful follower (although steve would say i've cheated b/c i put one tablespoon on low sugar strawberry jam on my cottage cheese this morning at breakfast. a girl's gotta live a little!). haven't lost ONE pound!! hmmm...well see if i stick with this regimine if i don't see any results. i want to be healthy and all but, c'mon!! i haven't had a coke in a week!

steve got me a new digital camera today for an early mother's day gift. so excited! it's a little silver one to keep in my purse and he got it for a steal from target. it was on clearance! so i'm sure he'll spend the extra money he saved on a gift certificate for a pedicure or a nice dinner out, right?!!

looking forward to fun with the girls this weekend at the women's conference. i am doing a bracelet workshop tomorrow during one of the breaks. we are just using elastic to keep it simple, but i am bringing all kinds of fun, yummy beads! i'll ty to take some pics with my new camera. what are your plans for this weekend??


chrissie said...

I'm going to the Grand Canyon with Amy! We're going to do the whole airplane over the canyon, float down the river tour. Crazy fun! Miss you sis. Have fun on the retreat.

lindsey said...

hang out with you!!! and:
-go into stores with lots of "breakables" (no kids)
-catch up on buying gifts
-work on deco's for joy's shower
-plan out gracie's birthday party
-sleep in!

Ellen said...

Go David go! Your feet are to tiny! Go Matty go! When you've got the music in your soul you gotta groove. Keep the passion!

Have a great time at your women's retreat. I don't have any official plans this weekend. But I know the days will fill up. They always do...

Lara said...

Awesome pictures! You have such great kids.
This weekend:
-Darin stayed with Caedra so I could go spend my birthday gift card at Target. =)
-Maybe the Spring Festival?

And I'm glad you've given up Coke. That stuff is terrible for you.

Karen said...

Great photos as usual! Hooray for David - taking steps on his own!!! How exciting!
This weekend I will be doing the usual stuff: shopping, cooking, spending time with the boys and pretending to be a stay-at-home mom. I love every minute of it!

Brianna Heldt said...

Okay so both David and Matty are just way too cool in those pics! Matty even has a hip, "I'm in a band" haircut to boot. (I LOVE how kids dance! Great choice, Beatles music is so fun. We put on some old Michael Jackson classics a few weeks ago and the kids went nuts.)