Monday, May 19, 2008

the boys.

highlight of matty's life right now? getting a lollipop from the store. so weird to hear the words 'i need to go shopping', and they aren't coming out of my mouth!!

highlight of david's life right now? being free to explore, play and especially pulling things off shelves and tables. he'll still let me snuggle him, but he wants to wiggle free sooner.

these pics were taken last weekend in shaver lake and both boys got to enjoy their favorite things. life is good.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to be able to excape to a place like this. Simple pleasures right? It looks like a mom & pop general store with the wood flooring and all... simpler times.... I wish we could all have a day where our biggest challenge or decision of the day was "which candy to choose" makes me smile :) :) :) :)

Carolina Mama said...

Thanks for the reminder to let the children eat candy! :) Really, I get in the mode of no cavities, etc. THanks! Cuties as always!

Joy said...

i love that matty needs to go shoppin'--how cute is he? and david--i love that he is totally scoping out the candy, too.

Stephanie said...

Your days seem filled with such picturesque moments. Thanks for always sharing them with us!

Nyla said...

I so remember a candy store like this when I was a kid. How fun it was to pick out candy...but hard because there was so much to choose from!
Your boys are adorable! Did you get any candy for Chrissie and I?

Erica said...

That was my favorite store to go to as a child. My Dad and I used to go there to get fishing tackle and treats before we'd head out fishing together! I think we even have a picture of us together in front of the store when I was around 6 or 7 (24 years ago!!)
I hope had a great trip!
Erica Oliver (Kent and Jan's daughter) :-)

Smoochdog ~ said...

Have I mentioned I love reading your blog? Your ability to always be so upbeat and find the joy in every moment is truly uplifting. I need to start cultivating more of it myself.

Your boys are adorable!

chrissie said...

Those boys need less candy. They're already way too sweet.

Sarah Markley said...

so cute! lollipops are the highlight of anyone's life, especially when they can pick any one they want! pefect.

careysue said...

I just found your blog through cfhusband's blog...

You have an incredible family, very inspired by you, and your wonderful attitude.

Am very interested in your jewelry as well.

I love your blog.


boltefamily said...

what a precious family you have! I love your jewelry!

What a great reminder of such important things this post is...

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