Wednesday, November 7, 2007

making time...

Before I was a mommy I thought I would never let anyone else hold my baby. Then once the baby came, I craved a break and would gladly give him up to loving, capable arms. The busyness of life creeps in and there always seems to be some place to be. So this is a friendly reminder to myself to take time to listen better, cuddle a little longer, build one more puzzle, give a few more kisses and laugh off little accidents. The time goes quickly, I don't want to rush it.


Kristen said...

that is so incredibly true. i need this reminder too - far more often than i should. thanks for this post today, it was what i needed.

Karyn said...

So true. As you know my kids have been sick. We've had to stay home the last several days and though I hate that they are sick, I actually thanked God for forcing us to slow down and just enjoy being lazy together. Today is day five and we all went on a well needed outing:)

Kelly said...

So true, so true!

Karen said...

Well said!

Rays Family said...

Wow, well spoken!

My mom would tell me when my boys were little, "these are the happiest days of your life" I wondered at the time but now I know for sure. Little boys little problems, big boys, bigger problems.

ysbgo said...

I couldn't say it better!

Ellen said...

Isn't it amazing how we crave time with our loved ones, but once we are in the moment, there are a million distractions. Even as an auntie I find myself thinking, maybe I can wash the dishes really fast or make a snack or clean up the bedroom. Some things have to be done now, but most things can wait. Treasure the here and now!

Sarah Markley said...

Love you love you, smart-mama, you!

Victoria said...

Sigh. I feel every day slipping away so quickly.

Beautiful photo, as always.


Diane said...

Such good advice for all of us!

Diane said...

That is really good advice and I MUST remember it. Thanks!

thursday said...

I love that photo you posted here. Wow. :)

Audra Marie said...

What a great reminder. We do get caught up in the less important sometimes and forget what matters most.

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