Thursday, November 1, 2007

loss, hope & coming together

Kristie and her family lost everything in the fires last week. Their home, barn, and all their possessions were lost. Their family is safe and starting to pick up the pieces. This is a perfect opportunity for us to love and encourage them. This month's featured design will benefit Kristie and her family. $15 from each sale necklace will go to helping them rebuild, redecorate and get settled. This necklace is on its way to Kristie today. Please check out her website. Feel free to drag this pick onto your own blog and encourage people to participate.
A hammered teardrop pendant (symbolizing loss) and an aquamarine stone (representing hope) are strung with a freshwater pearl on 18" sterling ball chain. Replace the words with your kid's names if you prefer! $52

Also, the wire charm bracelets will be on sale this month for $44! Thanks for voting for your fav.


Kal said...

Beautiful piece today.

SUPER BEAUTIFUL piece that I JUST got in the mail. Lisa - it's amazing. It's perfect. It really just absolutely stunning. Thank you so much. I just sent you an email.


beth said...

what a great thing you are doing, lisa!

i have a question about the wire charm we get to choose whether the tag is round or rectangular and the same with the charm? thanks so much!

Melissa Garrett said...

How generous of you, and I hope that many, many people will respond. The thought of losing everything is overwhelming, and I can't even begin to imagine . . .

Thank goodness for people like you.

Kristen Borland said...


Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

What a wonderful idea to help a family out. You continue to inspire me :)

Anonymous said...

Wow- so sorry to hear about the fires. I hope lots of people buy the necklace.


Tereclopes said...

Hello Lisa,i am a portuguese woman and i like very mutch your blog.You are doing a great thing.
What is the metal of your beautiful pieces? It is silver?

GeorgiaBelleBoutique said...

Hey Lisa! I posted the info on my blog :) Hopefully my family and friends will respond. They all LOVE my necklace - I wear it 24/7 :)

tania said...

thanks for making a difference Lisa,can't wait for my necklace!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

I emailed you my order, I'm just waiting for the link to pay for it.



Rita (from Calgary)

RachelDenbow said...

It was great to see this post. I just read about it from her website and was glad you were aware of her situation as I'd seen your link on her blog. That was lovely of you to do such a special thing. You're pretty awesome.

freetofly said...

I will place my order at the end of the month.

My 1st time visiting. I came here by a long round of blog referrals, beginning with 'who could ask for anything more'...

I am grabbing the pic and linking here. This is a truly wonderful thing you are doing!

God bless you!

Claudia said...

Lisa, my necklace arrived yesterday. It's sooo cute. I am impressed by your work and the passion you transmit with your work. I'll certainly order more and more things!

Anonymous said...

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