Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Seems like we can't get rid of our colds around here. Or as soon as we get better, we get another sniffle. David always gets it the worst, so he needs decongestant and breathing treatments multiple times a day. He missed school all last week and looks like he'll be staying home tomorrow and the next day...

He has been such a happy, snuggly little cutie that I really don't mind. And it means we wear jammies until noon and watch more videos which is nice--at least for a couple days. It's good to slow down for a bit...as long as i don't get it! Mommies should never get sick. You can't take a day off and there isn't anybody to take care of you! I take airborne and vitamin C. What's your trick for staying well?


grey like snuffie said...

Our college aged daughters swear by Cold Eze. My mom uses Oil of Oregano and Elderberry essence---both drops put in water---I think those came from my Naturopath Doctor brother. Another tip of his---cut up grapefruit, put in big pot on stove and bring to a boil---let simmer for a while, inhale the steam. If nothing else it puts a great scent throughout the house and it makes a great facial steam.

Earen said...

I am completely convinced that the new natural vitamins I'm taking have really kept me quite healthy...along with my boys too. We take these vitamins that come in powder form & dissolve in water..taken on an empty stomach & they go straight into our system...immediately. I have quite a few friends that take them too & they all say the same thing! I'm sold! Of course prayer is wonderful thing too!! Protection & health!

Brianna Heldt said...

sadly i am the LAST person to ask about tips for staying well! we have been SO sick this year, it's crazy. and strange that other years, we're healthy.

anyway i really hope you all feel better SOON!!!

Mrs. Ben Lanier said...

I take Vitamin C as well. I also make sure to take Zinc at least twice a day if I feel sickness looming. With the addition of Zinc it seems that even if I do go ahead and get sick it doesn't last as long. My nephew talked us into eating raw garlic cloves once over the winter when we were all sick. You are supposed to eat one every 8 hours. Have water handy if you try this...your mouth will BURN!!! My nephew swears by it..I'm sticking with the zinc.

Anonymous said...

Theives: It's an essential oil. I diffuse it through the house and we take a few drops if we have a sore throat. We are strong believers of essential oils. It's a more natural way of getting and staying healthy.
Check it out....


MamaAngel said...

I wash my hands lots and lots when my husband or son are sick. And even though I'm not crazy about it I use Lysol on the doorknobs and in the bathroom. I'm a "makes her own cleaning products" kind of girl but when my husband had the flu (and he had it so bad I was a bit nervous) I busted out the Lysol.

Karen said...

I wash my hands often. It's my main defense against the germs from dozens of sick people I come into contact with daily. It seems to work - I am just now fighting my first cold of the season. Or maybe I have just become immune to the germs after working around sick people for years...

Jill Duarte said...

Hi Lisa, I enjoyed seeing you at the retreat this past weekend. You may remember me...I look just like Angelina Jolie (that's a retreat JOKE). I took a strong stance with our family about two years ago to be proactive toward health instead of reactive toward illness. It was the best thing I've ever done for my family. I've learned so much since then. Basically if you keep your immune system up, your body is better able to fight illness and disease. Simple steps go a long way. So, to enhance our immune system everyday, we...
- watch the sugar
- take Juice Plus+ (whole food in a capsule)
- drink water instead of juice, milk, soda, etc.

If we do catch a cold (which does happen though not often) our bodies are able to fight it off quickly, it doesn't turn into something worse, and we don't all get it (we are a family of 6). To help during a cold, I recommend...
- no dairy (it increases mucus)
- a warm steam vaporizer at night to clear congestion and coughs
- rubbing feet with vics and putting on socks to help with coughs
- gargling with salt water
- saline nose drops frequently to keep sinus' clear.
I would watch out for products such as airborne jr. as it contains artificial sweeteners and other products containing isolated vitamins or minerals (zinc, vitamin C, etc.). Even if "all natural", too much of a vitamin or mineral can be dangerous (particularly for children).

Melissa said...

I am a waitress, plus a mom of 3, plus help with preschoolers. I used to always get sick. But I now wash my hands constantly. Not very good for the skin, but good for my immune system. I haven't been sick all winter.

Smiling Mama said...

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NewDew said...

There is a Norwegian "drug" called "nbg 24/7" which helps your immune system. I use that, a pill a day, and hardly ever get sick! :)
I dunno if it is available in the US though. All natural all good :)

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