Friday, September 21, 2007

a new batch of handmade brass

I got a package from one of my suppliers that totally inspired me! This is a smokey quartz pendant strung on large link handmade brass chain. The next pic gives you an idea of it's size and length. I'm going to make another one for myself! It would be perfect with jeans and a sweater or a black dress and boots. SOLD

These are so sweet. Vintage brass filigree with cream freshwater pearls. Basic and beautiful. Length measures about 11/2". SOLD

This charm bracelet is chunky and has spunk! The bracelet s a very sturdy handmade brass with a vintage heart locket, a mexican cross, a brass key and smokey quartz. It seriously looks like it came out of grandma's trasure box. SOLD

These two necklaces are sold as a set. One for you and one for that friend who always seems to understand your heart. The vintage lockets are strung on 18" gold filled chain with a freshwater pearl. Just perfect. SOLD


katie said...

Beautiful!! I will save my money for the first long brass one! Love it, love you! :)

RachelDenbow said...

Love the hearts. Love the brass chain with pendant.
I'm not an earring girl but they are beautiful, too.

chrissie said...

LOVE that long necklace with the smoky quartz. LOVE the brass chain. So amazingly cute. So cute!

ahna said...

Wow. That first necklace is absolutely stunning. I would wear that alot. Saving my money!

Claudia said...

All your work is beautiful!!! I love the first long one... Everything is so gorgeous!!!