Saturday, August 4, 2007

celebrating gracie

we threw a shower for jen today. she is prepearing to have a little girl, gracie. it was such a nice, warm group. so many people helped, i hardly had to do anything!

i lined up a few vases and filled them with hydrangeas & irises

chrissie made a banner with gracie's name. it MADE the whole thing come together!

i found these cute square plates at target. i rolled out a roll of wrapping paper to use as a table covering.

joy made these favors. they are paper dolls with bath salts on the reverse side. sooo sweet!

christy made the MOST delicious (and beautiful) cupcakes ever!

this is baby scarlett. about 10 days old. i think i'm in love.

jen is such a beautiful mommy and person. here's a pic of her with some of her loot.

we can't wait to meet you gracie!!


KJ said...

Hi Lisa~

I meant to post a comment and sent you an email instead! Oh well:) I love your blog. It's so cute. I need to learn how to do all this cool stuff. My blog is: It's really boring right now, but I'll make it cute:) Thank you for taking such a swett pic. of Scarlett. I'm inlove too! God bless you my friend! What fun we had today!!!!


KJ said...

oops! I meant sweet not swett!!!

Brenda Williams said...

Lisa, the party was so fun and relaxing! Thanks for being a great hostess!

KJ said...

Hi Lisa~

How do I show the links to other blogs? I can't figure it out???


beth said...

what a cute shower. i'm throwing one tomorrow, but it's not going to be as cool as yours. :)

Kate said...

everything was perfect. what a fun time! thanks so much!

erika said...

So much fun... and so kind of you to give such a lovely shower for such a sweet friend. Nicely done Lisa :)