Friday, August 31, 2007

adventures with matthias

It was Steve's day off, but David had school today. Every Friday I think about keeping David home so we can play as a family. But he loves school and they really challenge him. Plus, it's good for Matty to have some time alone with mommy & daddy. So with a twinge of sadness, we dropped him off with his amazing teachers and headed downtown for some fun...

Matty fed the meter. What a good helper!

Banana pancakes a good hug with daddy

On the floor of the "Thomas Store" (aka Ross) admiring his new treat.

Saying hi to the sweet kitties at the pet store

Playing in a tent at the sporting good store

Then he climbed out of the tent and said "Let's go get David". I felt the same way.


Sarah Markley said...

He takes care of David; what a sweet brother!

Ellen said...

Matty! You kill me. When you go get David, bring him over here so I can play with him too.

Rays Family said...

Oh Lisa, I so can relate! With the exception of trying to find some alone time with five boys. Even the older ones like that.

chrissie said...

Pancakes, kittens, and trucks. Sounds like a fun day with Mom and Dad! Love you, sis.

Karen said...

Defintely a fun day!
Our older boys always miss Ben if we go shopping without him.