Sunday, February 18, 2007

fun with auntie ellen

My beautiful younger sister is in town and she is such an awesome auntie! The boys are getting lots of love and snuggles and she has played multiple games of matching (and built many, many puzzles) with Matty. Should I also mention how she has changed poopie diapers and let me sleep in while she keeps the kiddos entertained?! Gramama is also providing lots of hugs and tickles. Church was great today--awesome message pastor Tim! The boys did really well in the toddler room--a blessing as sometimes they aren't so excited to separate. Hope you are all having a great weekend!


chrissie said...

Love David's shirt, and the look on Matthias' face is priceless.
Love you guys.

Ellen said...

Got to capitalize on time with my nephews. I love, love, love them!

Kell said...

Hi Lisa

Wow, read a few of your posts. Firstly, you and your sister are twins surely?????

Secondly, your boys are gorgeous, love the t-shirts! Not sure how old your boys are though.

Nice to meet you, can I add you to my list? Your blog looks like a fun filled family blog, not just about cdls which is my kind of thing.

You have a beautiful family and as photo lover, you have many pictures that really stand out to me. Love your hair btw!!

Love Kelly xxxxxxxx

If you you look at my link I also have a Vox blog thingy which is a bit more of a fun thing. x

Katie said...

Hey Lisa! Katie here...been a total blog stalker.:) Love the blog, pictures of the boys and all the updates on the amazing jewelry. My friend Helen is getting married in April and we were wondering if you could make matching necklaces. Email me: Love ya!