Friday, February 16, 2007

favorite things...

It's always fun to take pics of what the boys are into "right now" because it's constantly changing! Matty is really into his toots and whistles song book (notice the microphone), big floor puzzles (thanks auntie sissy!), the movie CARS, painting and stickers. David is REALLY into pulling up to a stand, cruising around the table, climbing on daddy, vanilla pudding, swinging, being read to (any book will do) and of course a good snuggle. We're glad its the weekend. Steve's day off is Friday--so our weekend starts today! Can't wait to see gramama and auntie!


michele said...

The photo of David and Steve is so sweet!
It's a good idea to document what the kids are into. Right now, Natty is OBSESSED shall we say with letters and numbers. We must identify all letters/numbers we see on signs while driving or it's meltdown time. Katrina is into marbles and making up plays with her imaginary friends.
It was great to talk to you the other day. And, I tried a cinnamon roll at McDs. today with TrinaLee. They are good.

Ellen said...

It's funny how kids get so into certain things. However, adults can be the same way. I've been addicted to chocolate chip cookies lately. I am fascinated by the White House and devour any books on the subject. Maybe we aren't so different from our children!