Saturday, June 14, 2008


today i'm feeling inspired by...

little boys who carry yellow plastic baskets with racecars
our local mexican restaurant with aqua walls and hanging glassware

fresh blueberries at the farmer's market

the idea of a getaway, even it means a cheap motel

little shoes on a sun-bleached mat
what's inspiring you today??


Kim B said...

A picnic in the park with homemade goodies (not that pick-it-up at the Drive Thru on your way kind of picnic), a blanket in the shade under a great big tree, and little feet in the sandbox.

M said...

a cold, crisp glass of chardonnay
robin's eggs - the most perfect color in the world
pink flowers in my garden (and on the circle skirt I just sewed for my 5 year-old to twirl in)

Faith said...

that picture of the blueberries is just perfect. Perfect.

How is your D40 coming along? I have a D80 and i'm intimidated by it!! I need a tutor. haha

Love your blog! :)

Lisa Leonard said...

Loving my D40. Still figuring it out though!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Those blueberries are a wonder to look at!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

The thought of holding my little girl in less than 3 weeks.....:-)!!!!!

Laura and the family said...

Blueberries is my husband's favorite fruit. Have you tried blueberries with chocolate covers? I thought it was interesting, but my husband LOVES it.

By the way, my sons LOVES Cars and Speed Race Cars. You probably have seen Matt saying, "Vrrrooom" or crashing the other cars just like my sons. :-)

I was inspired by my mother who is a real GREEN thumb. So, it forced me to remind myself watering the plants/flowers every other day.

Carolina Mama said...

Our sons love the same Croc colors and we just bought new Hot Wheels today. ;) Your blog inspires me daily. My husband inspires me this Father's Day.

Nyla said...

you inspire me! :)

Marte said...

Your truly sweet blog is what inspires me today! The incredible necklaces you make is just perfect, I have to order one for my good friend who's expecting a princess any day now! :)

Love your work! Told my man today that I wanted a piece of Lisa when we get our first child! ;)

Love, Marte from Norway! (I've added your blog to my favouritelist - hope you don't mind!)

Michelle S. said...

as with many days..your blog inspires me...fresh blueberries are a favorite too...a long lazy walk with my dog...and today on father's day of course, my dad inspires me too....

Cindi said...

....the photo of our sweet baby Ahna that I received 5 days ago.... She is in an orphanage in China, but not for long.....

Anonymous said...

That picture of Mattie with the yellow basket with his matchbox cars inside. It reminds me of when Isaac used to push his trains around the house in the baby doll stroller.

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