Thursday, February 21, 2008


I strung my rings on a 24" sterling chain the other day-just for fun! Now I can wear them on my finger or next to my heart. Perfect! The chains alone are
16 or 18"...$15

Feeling much better today. Must be those three bowls of lucky charms I ate. Yum. And no, Penny, I'm not pregnant! That could be fun, though...


Anonymous said...
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Lisa Leonard said...

I turned on the word verification because I am getting spam comments--and I think they have a virus in them. Yuck!

lindsey cheney said...

i love the rings on the chain, great idea for those who don't have enough room on their finger to fit a ring for each kid! and sooo glad to hear you're feeling better.

trinawalker said...

very cute idea...

Tamara said...

hey there! Wanted to make sure you got my paypal payment for the necklace. It would have come through from Jboyd812. Thank you girl!!

meegan said...

Glad to read you're feeling better :)

Just in time for the weekend ;)

jennifer said...

You SO don't have to be pregnant to love lucky charms. Have you tried Marshmellow fruit loops? YUMMY! The necklace is very pretty. Jennifer

Carolina Mama said...

here to tell you i wore mine on a chain when i was prego :) ... are you sure with the necklance and the lucky charms and all. ;) j' kiddin'. very fun indeed.

The Adoption Of William said...

Your stuff is beautiful! Lucky charms is one of about 4 things my 4 year old will eat!!

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, but be honest... we're at that age where anytime we feel kinda yucky, we pee on a stick, am I right? :) Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Jacquelyn said...

lucky charms ... my kids don't realize yet that they come with a good deal of marshmellows. I usually eat out most of the sugary goodness before their bowls get to the table. .. yummy!

Sara Gibson said...

I emailed you my address last night. Let me know if you need me to email it again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea....I should be getting my rings in the mail anyday now and I am going to try this. Thanks for the great idea.

Anonymous said...

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