Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sun's out, the air is cool...

I've got a big cup of Nutty Bean Coffee and the Christmas Tree lights are on. It's the kind of day that makes me feel reflective. Thoughts about David and how he has taught me not to be so self-conscious, but just to play and laugh and dance. Thoughts about Matty and how life is so simple at three. The day is for playing and exploring and the littlest things can be the most exciting. Thoughts about Steve and how blessed and lucky I am to have married such a man. Thoughts about my sweet friends and my dear sisters and how I love to talk and connect and how they've touched my heart in so many ways. Thoughts about the stories you've shared with me about your loss and hurts and the joy you have experience through it all. I've jotted down some thoughts and I'll share more later, but for now, better get back to work! :)


hannah m said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful reflections. I happen to be sitting with hazelnut coffee, oatmeal and my babe in arms and while watching the squirrels scitter scatter in the rain. I am reflecting on the journey I'm 4 months into with my little one. And all I can say right now is that I'm thankful for your model of strength and joy. It inspires me and gives me hope.

Laura said...

When my younger son was diagnosed as PPD-NOS (known as autism), at first I was devastated for a year, and got angry when some people used to talk about him behind my back where I could lip read them. But now, he has taught me to open my eyes and mind more that not all autism are bad. I have learned to live with the laugh,love, and ignore what others have to say. For those who say negative things about a child with disability, I now look at them, "I feel sorry for them for missing the beauty of a disability."

My caring husband has taught me to observe other people before jumping into the conclusion. He also taught me to learn everything about world rather than just gossiping about people. (He also told me that it is lame excuse if you are just deaf and is alright to gossip about others.) That's where it impacted me by changing my behavior. I thanked him for that, and being a deaf, loving father of my two hearing sons.

My older son has taught me to be sensitive for him, even he is gifted and is not disability. I have to think of him instead of paying a lot of attention to my younger son. What's more, he made me to look the way the kids think! It's amazing!

Truthfully,I personally can that being married and have two wonderful children has changed my life for better. I am sure it applies to you, too.

God has every single reason to go through and change our perspective for better.

Joy said...

you are an amazing wife, mother, woman, friend and artist. i am privileged and bless to know you. thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

Sarah Markley said...

It is wonderful to be blessed! I love you, Lisa.

I also feel blessed today.