Monday, June 18, 2007

summer vacation?!

Well, school is out and summer has begun. David works REALLY hard at school, so in the evenings we keep it light and fun. Now that it's summer, I need to push him with eating, walking and play. These are some photos from lunch. He really did a super job. He just needs some help getting the spoon back into the bowl to refill.

We are also going full force with potty training Matty. We stopped when he started preschool because he was having so much separation anxiety. Let's take a look at my morning...
Number of times he sat on the potty--5
Number of times he went pee pee in the potty--0
Number of accidents--3
Number of times he snuck into the potty prize box and opened a toy--1
Pairs of shoes on the front lawn, drying in the sun--2
Number of times we've read the potty book today--16 million (OK, maybe that is an exaggeration)
Money we'll save on diapers per month $60
Money we'll spend on extra loads of laundry $61

He is totally capable and ready to be potty-trained, he just needs to WANT it (like we do!). I am really going to hang in there this time, but it is exhausting! Any encouragement is very welcome!! When does summer vacation start for mommies? Oh yeah, SEPTEMBER :)


Karen said...

Your photos of David feeding himself are SO encouraging! I hope Ben does the same one day.
Your potty training experience with Matty is hilarious! Jonny was a stubborn kid to potty train. Once he decided to do it (with a LOT of nudging from us), he went from diapers to being totally self-sufficient on the potty in 2 days! Hang in there!

Meg said...

Hooray for potty training! I am doing the same thing. It's frustrating because we were doing so good and then we had a death in the family and totally got off. Now we are trying it again and we've definitely regressed. Good luck!!

Ellen said...

Dear Lisa,

I'm so excited that you are potty training Matty. Sorry it's so difficult. Keep at it! It will pay off eventually.

I'm counting down the days until summer break (3) but I haven't really thought about all those moms out there who are counting down the days until school starts.

Goooo David!

Kristen Borland said...

oh, my, you sound busy!! i do NOT look forward to potty traiing!

love the pictures of david feeding himself. he's doing really well!

chrissie said...

Go David and Matty!
Love the list of numbers, sis! You're funny.

Having a kid that' Potty Trained: Priceless

lindsay mcintosh said...

man, thats sounds so frustrating! but keep at it, im sure he'll eventually come around. Its great that David is doing so well =)
youre in my prayers as always, hopefully matty decides he wants to 'be a big boy' sooner than later! Talk to you soon =)

Denise said...

Wow! Potty training! That was so long ago. I usually waited till the carpets needed a good cleaning to start :-)

As a mommy of 3 and former preschool teacher I have some potty training tips-
Let them pick their own undies
Load'm up with liquids
Let'm go bottomless (children will prefer the toilet over themselves)
Pull-ups are not training undies!
Stay home till they get it

Btw- Bear in the Big Blue House has a super potty training dvd. We still sing the songs (and my baby is 5).

jean said...

ok-LOVE Chrissie's comment.
I am taking a break from packing... I barely have the energy to type.
Hunter was FULLY trained at 27 months and I forgot that kids do things when they are ready. When I thought Lachlan was ready, I did the books, treats, gifts, bribes, etc. He didn't care, ate all the candy, and refused to pee on the toilet. Lach was in diapers at his 3 yr check and the doctor asked me, "Is he potty trained?" I said, "No!" As soon as we left, Lach said to me, with indigence, "I am potty trained!" Later that day, a little friend, Cassie, asked why he had a diaper on. Lach said, "I don't," and proceeded to whip off his diaper. He became potty trained that day. :)

Kell said...

The photos of David are great! Like Karen said, very encouraging :)

Potty training, in my experience was far easier with my girls. I started Tom too soon and it ended up taking a year and a half!!
With Sylvie who is 3 in August I put it off until we moved in Dec and had laminate flooring instead of carpet but she has never peed on the floor! She is great at doing wees but insists on putting a pull up on for a poo and goes and stands in the hall. Very amusing! Hopefully we will get out of the habit soon. Ruby was trained in 3 days! I couldn't believe it after Tom!

It was brilliant when they were both finished with nappies before I had Sylvie. Now I'm back to having 2 different size nappies again. I wonder how long Sonny will be in them??

Jim loved his keyring by the way. Thankyou so much :)

Jacquelyn said...

If you need to borrow my book "how to potty train your child in a day" you can but just know that it really takes a lot of work for 1 day, extra vigilence for a week and good parental involvement for a month.. It helped me get Zak potty trianed at 2 (Eliot trained himself at 18mos). I'm starting my "pre-training" ritual with Eliannah right now but since I've never trained a girl I'm don't know what to expect. You are probably full of suggestions right now ... hope things go well.